I hereby release Lipitor Online Pharmacy.com, including all of it’s employees and contractors including physicians, pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, nurses, and receptionists from any and all liability whatsoever associated or connected to my medical consultation and/or the use of any or all the medications prescribed to me and any adverse effects I may suffer from these medications. I hereby state that I am at least eighteen years old and am fully competent to make my own health care decisions. I am aware of the potential side effects and or problems associated with prescription medications. I understand that it would be a violation of the law to falsify information on my medical questionnaire for the purpose of obtaining prescription medication. I agree to truthfully and to the best of my knowledge answer all of the questions on my medical questionnaire. http://oilingpoint.com/best-essential-oils-for-warts/.

I understand and acknowledge that medical diagnoses, treatments, and opinions differ among the very best, well-trained, and respected physicians, that there is no, nor can there be, any implied warranty to we, that treatments may benefit one patient and not another, that these opinions may differ from time to time depending upon many factors such as medical research, conventions, literature, or other physicians, etc. I understand the risks. Any and all questions that I have about my prescription medications and their attendant risks have been answered to my satisfaction. I understand that all of the possible risks and or complications that may occur that have never been recorded before.

I also fully understand and agree that if I fail in any way to furnish my complete and accurate medical history, or I become aware of any changes in my physical or medical condition in the future and I fail to notify of such changes, then I agree that I am solely responsible for any adverse affects I may suffer from taking or continuing to take these prescribed medications or from participating in this prescription service. I also state that I have had a physical examination by the physician whose care I am under within the last twelve months.

By signing each of these pages of this waiver, or by clicking “I AGREE” if being submitted electronically, I agree to release liability and hold blameless the physicians, affiliates, directors, officers, employees, representatives, and independent contractors from all causes of action, suits, penalties, liens, judgements, liabilities, obligations, losses, actual or consequential damages, actual or threatened claims which may arise at any time by reason of relating to, arising directly or indirectly out of any matter whatsoever related to the prescribing or dispensing of my prescription medications.

I understand that it is my responsibility to have regular physical examinations by the U.S. licensed physician whose care I am under including all suggested testing by said physician to ensure I have no medical problems which would constitute a contradiction to me taking the medications being prescribed for me.

I also agree that should I suffer any adverse effects while taking these prescribed medications that I will immediately contact the U.S. licensed physician whose care I am under. Should I come under the care of another physician, I will inform him or her of any and all medications I am taking which have been prescribed.

I hereby give permission to perform a medical consultation on me for the purpose of determining if the medications I am currently prescribed by my US licensed physician whose care I am under. I understand that this will include reviewing my medical questionnaire and information submitted by my physician. If necessary, we may contact you or your physician for more information. I hereby give permission to my physician to release my medical files and medical reports as needed to obtain sufficient information for the purpose of prescribing my medications.

I understand that any information provided may be seen by the corporations’ employees and that this information will constitute a medical record.

I acknowledge and agree that I initiated this contract with Lipitor Online Pharmacy and that it is not located in the United States. I acknowledge that the physicians and pharmacists working for Lipitor Online Pharmacy are located and licensed to practice medicine or pharmacy in Canada and that all treatment I am receiving from the said physician and pharmacists is being received in Canada.

I understand and acknowledge that we recommend regular physical examinations and doctor’s office visits with my U.S. licensed physician whose care I am under who first prescribed my medications. I further understand that we will only verify and prescribe medications that my U.S. licensed physician whose care I am under has already prescribed me. We will prescribe no new prescription medications. I also understand that no controlled medications, narcotics, tranquilizers, or other medications the physician decides is inappropriate. I understand that this consultation will not include a physical examination and that I should obtain a timely follow up consultation with the U.S. licensed physician whose care I am under. I hereby waive a physical examination at this time.

I understand that this service should not be considered a substitute for a healthcare provider. I understand that this service is not in any way intended for the diagnosis of a medical condition. I understand that we will not make any medical diagnoses and should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice. I will direct all questions to my own health care provider. I will consult my own physician before taking any new drug or changing my daily health regimen. I understand that any opinions, advice, statements, services, offers, or other information expressed or made available by third parties (including merchants and licensors) are those of the respective authors or distributors of such content.

This agreement represents the complete and entire agreement between Lipitor Online Pharmacy and me. I have read and understood the above-referenced “Patient Disclaimer” authorize and accept the proposed terms of care regardless of the medical involved. I declare that I understand.